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RMS Plugins

With the help of our custom RMS plugins , you will be in control of your store operations.


By Accessing your own private intranet, you will have complete control on reporting and managing products on the go.

E-Commerce plugins

With the help of our plugins, you will spend less time updating your web presence, and focus on managing your stores.

SentriUtils - Microsoft Dynamics RMS Online reporting and management

Know your customers, know your conversion rates. With our walk-in traffic reporting solutions, you can know exactly which stores and which employees convert walk-ins into customers.

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Knowing your sales figures at anytime is primordial in decision making, whether to get more staff on the floor or cut shifts, you need up to date sales data.
Know your real time inventories, demand special check-ups, or make po's on the fly are but some of the full features you could control.

So you want your custom special wheter it's a friday nights special or a custom discount on specific items. Our promotions plugins will let you decide when and how you want your promotions.

Create purchase orders on the go, and have them email or integrated to your supplier. Shipping management to transfer stock to stores based on Warehouse stock level vs Store's min /max requirements.(ideal for franchises)

Know your customers

Knowing what motivates your customers to buy is the key aspect in a retail store.


Analyse your sales data , to optimize stores that need more work then others.


Implement custom solutions to get you to destination in half the time and half the cost.